Dog Paw Cookie Cutters Fondant and Dough Cutter and Imprint


If you are looking for a professional and versatile tool,Dog Paw Cookie Cutters Are perfect for you. It’s great with both clay, fondant, and gumpaste. The perfect tool for anyone that wants to make perfect cookie cutouts every time, Dog paw Shape Cookie Cutter guarantees high quality results. Dog Paw Cookie Cutters allows you to create intricate designs with no tools. Its high quality cutter use as an drawing stancils also it can be use as a kids educational toys. In addition, this cookie cutter has extensive design flexibility for high quality results.

A dog paw cookie cutter is a kitchen tool used to cut dough into the shape of a dog paw. It is typically made of Plastic and can be used to make dog paw-shaped cookies, as well as other baked goods such as bread or fondant. Some dog paw cookie cutters may come in different sizes, allowing for a variety of paw sizes to be cut. They can be used for baking or for cutting other materials like clay or play dough for arts and crafts.The cutter can be pressed into the dough to cut out the shape, which can then be transferred to a baking sheet and baked.



Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 5 cm


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