Cake Pillars 4pcs Multi-Layered Cake Column Support Stand

Presenting You With These Elegant Pillars Which Will Add Not Only Beauty To Your Cake But Also Support And Hold Your Three Tier Cake With Ease All Tiered Cakes Covered In Sugar Paste Are Generally Supported By Pillars/dowels. This Cake Pillars Provide Superior Stability And Support To Make Each Of Your Signature Cakes More Impressive Set Of Four Pillars -5.5 Cm In Length And 2,5 Cm In Dimension. The Base Of The Pillars Is Strong And Holds Your Cake Firmly Their Detailed, Ribbed Column Design Gives Them An Elegant And Professional Appearance. They Are Perfect Pillars For Any Cake. Or Even Just To Raise The Plate Off The Table. It’s Durable, Transfers Weight Remarkably And Does A Great Job! Colour- Transparent/ white Made Biodegradable Thermoplastic Made In India Customization Orders Undertaken


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Looking to create an unforgettable cake for your next special occasion? Consider using Cake Pillars 4pcs to elevate your design to the next level.

Crafted from high-quality materials, our Cake Pillars 4pcs are not only sturdy and durable, but also elegant and versatile. Their sleek, clean lines add a touch of sophistication to any cake design, whether you’re creating a classic tiered wedding cake or a whimsical birthday cake.

At the heart of our cake pillars’ design is their hollow center, which allows for even more creative possibilities. You can insert lighting to create a dramatic effect, or add flowers, ribbons, or other decorative elements that complement the overall theme of your event.

Easy to use, our cake pillars fit securely between each cake tier, providing stability and support without compromising the aesthetic appeal of your design. And when the event is over, they can be easily disassembled and cleaned for use again and again.

So why settle for a plain, uninspired cake when you can add an extra layer of beauty and elegance with cake pillars? Whether you’re a professional cake decorator or a home baker looking to up your game, our cake pillars are the perfect solution for creating stunning, show-stopping cakes that your guests will remember for years to come.




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Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 cm


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