0-9 Number Cookie Cutter 3CM

Numbers Cookie Cutter Set is the perfect kitchen gadget addition for baking and decorating cookies for any occasion. The cookie cutter set is equipped with numbers “0-9” all made from food grade plastic. Use the cutters to slice and shape various foods such as cookie dough, cheese, vegetables, fruits, and bread. Create personal greetings, birthday wishes, holiday messages, and fun sentences easily within delicious edibles. Perfect for teaching kids how to count their numbers through crafts, clay, and playdoh. When finished using, the cutters are dishwasher safe and may be stowed away simply within each other in an efficient and concise manner. Have fun baking in the kitchen with the Full Alphabet Cookie Cutter Set.


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Introduce the 0-9 Number Cookie Cutter 3CM, the perfect tool for creating Numbers Theme cookies. Made from durable, food-grade plastic, this cutter is designed to withstand repeated use and is easy to clean. The Number Cookie Cutter features a sharp edge that will easily cut through dough, making it perfect for both novice and experienced bakers.This product is very easy to use and perfect for creating cookies that are the perfect size for a party or gathering. The cutter can also be used with fondant or gumpaste to create cake decorations.

Plastic durable cookie cutters are a type of kitchen tool used to cut cookie dough into various shapes. They are made of plastic, which is a durable material that can withstand the pressure of cutting through dough. They are also easy to clean and can be used multiple times. Additionally, plastic cookie cutters are often more affordable than metal ones.

Whether you’re celebrating an 21st birthday, graduation, or anniversary. this Number 0-9 Number Cookie Cutter is the perfect tool for creating delicious and unique cookies. Order yours today and start baking!

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Dimensions 7 × 77 cm


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